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My Nurse Told Me “I shouldn’t be breastfeeding my son at night at all and to just offer water”.

Did you ever listen to a piece of advice and decide that it was not appropriate for you? Well, that seems to be a reoccurring issue across health facilities in Australia. Every day, new mothers are given the wrong information about their feeding options and this is damaging to Only 10 facilities in New South… Continue reading My Nurse Told Me “I shouldn’t be breastfeeding my son at night at all and to just offer water”.

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Formula Feeding Myths

Let's talk more myths! This time round, let's bust some formula feeding fables that may not be so true! You are missing out on bonding with your baby if you formula feed Bonding with your bub depends on skin-to-skin contact and facial recognition, which means that you are not missing out if you choose to… Continue reading Formula Feeding Myths

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Bonding with Your Baby Over Bottle

Not Breastfeeding? No worries! Clinical psychologist Shoshana Bennett, PhD, says bonding is a process of familiarity–getting to know each other—that happens over time, and can be fostered no matter how baby is fed. This means that there are actually so many ways to create that special bond with your baby even if you’re bottle feeding, and we’ve… Continue reading Bonding with Your Baby Over Bottle

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Where Can I Find Information or Help?

    Being a new mother is busy enough with so many things to think about, which is why we've created a small guide on government-related resources throughout Australia. Please keep in mind that these resources are Australia-specific. Please note that this article is a guide only, please always seek professional advice from your doctor… Continue reading Where Can I Find Information or Help?

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Supporting Other Mothers

A lot of the time in the media, we are told about what is "normal" or "acceptable" in society and this applies to the way mothers are feeding their bubs. This is harmful because every mother has a unique set of circumstances which may restrict them to certain methods that may not appear "the norm".… Continue reading Supporting Other Mothers

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Formula Feeding Tips

If you’re choosing to bottle feed your baby we’ve put together some tips and tricks to help you out and make it an easy and enjoyable time to spend with your baby. Choosing Your Formula Take your time choosing a baby formula that is of the highest quality possible with no nasties in them. You… Continue reading Formula Feeding Tips

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“Incorrect Advice Meant I Lost My Milk Supply”

One of the reasons we started this blog was to stop the spread of misinformation regarding breastfeeding and the choice to use formula. The National Australian Breastfeeding Strategy (2017) has included many testimonies from women who have simply been given the wrong advice and this has contributed to the barriers of unsuccessful breastfeeding, as experienced… Continue reading “Incorrect Advice Meant I Lost My Milk Supply”

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Nanny MaryAnne Shares Her Knowledge on Infant Feeding

  This week we are very lucky to have a special guest blogger: MaryAnne! MaryAnne is a passionate and fully qualified childcare practitioner who blogs about her experiences as a nanny. Her blog is filled with tips and tricks from recipes to advice on travelling with tots so check it out here. Below, she shares… Continue reading Nanny MaryAnne Shares Her Knowledge on Infant Feeding

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“My Breastfeeding Journey Started at 16”

Mummy blogger @ebonycurtis_ had her first baby at only 16. Now at 22 she's pregnant with her third (it's a girl!) and is planning on trying to breastfeed for longer than she did with her first two. We asked her to share her story for our blog to help make other mums aware of the importance… Continue reading “My Breastfeeding Journey Started at 16”

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Our favourite Mummy Bloggers

I know that as a new mum it was often hard to find bloggers that I felt like I could relate to, or just in general wanted to read for advice. So I have gone ahead and compiled a (work in progress) list of my personal favourite 'mum' blogs. All of the below are blogs… Continue reading Our favourite Mummy Bloggers