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My Nurse Told Me “I shouldn’t be breastfeeding my son at night at all and to just offer water”.

Did you ever listen to a piece of advice and decide that it was not appropriate for you? Well, that seems to be a reoccurring issue across health facilities in Australia. Every day, new mothers are given the wrong information about their feeding options and this is damaging to Only 10 facilities in New South… Continue reading My Nurse Told Me “I shouldn’t be breastfeeding my son at night at all and to just offer water”.

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Formula Feeding Myths

Let's talk more myths! This time round, let's bust some formula feeding fables that may not be so true! You are missing out on bonding with your baby if you formula feed Bonding with your bub depends on skin-to-skin contact and facial recognition, which means that you are not missing out if you choose to… Continue reading Formula Feeding Myths

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“I Was Ready to Give up Breastfeeding”

  It is so easy to feel like a failure as a new mum - it's actually one of the most common feelings after giving birth. And this is especially true when it comes to breastfeeding, because it's not all what it's cracked up to be (in fact sometimes it's very cracked, ouch!). This week… Continue reading “I Was Ready to Give up Breastfeeding”

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Breastfeeding Myths!

This week we thought we might debunk some of these pesky breastfeeding myths that you may or may not already know about! Comment down below any other myths that you know! MYTHS Breastfeeding is meant to be painful Although breastfeeding is not supposed to be the smoothest (and yes, it may come easy to some… Continue reading Breastfeeding Myths!

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Where Can I Find Information or Help?

    Being a new mother is busy enough with so many things to think about, which is why we've created a small guide on government-related resources throughout Australia. Please keep in mind that these resources are Australia-specific. Please note that this article is a guide only, please always seek professional advice from your doctor… Continue reading Where Can I Find Information or Help?

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Supporting Other Mothers

A lot of the time in the media, we are told about what is "normal" or "acceptable" in society and this applies to the way mothers are feeding their bubs. This is harmful because every mother has a unique set of circumstances which may restrict them to certain methods that may not appear "the norm".… Continue reading Supporting Other Mothers

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Nanny MaryAnne Shares Her Knowledge on Infant Feeding

  This week we are very lucky to have a special guest blogger: MaryAnne! MaryAnne is a passionate and fully qualified childcare practitioner who blogs about her experiences as a nanny. Her blog is filled with tips and tricks from recipes to advice on travelling with tots so check it out here. Below, she shares… Continue reading Nanny MaryAnne Shares Her Knowledge on Infant Feeding

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“Why I absolutely love Breastfeeding”

Breastfeeding can be so beautiful and rewarding when it works out, even through all the ups and downs. Mum Isabelle shares with us about her 4.5 month old daughter Tasi and why she chose to breastfeed:   Tell us a little bit about your bub: Tasi is such a funny girl. She is very cheeky… Continue reading “Why I absolutely love Breastfeeding”

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“I Felt Like I had Failed”

This week we interviewed Katrina from Brisbane. While her little girl Bria is 5-years-old, who loves drawing and wants to be an artist when she grows up, Katrina faced struggles post-birth which meant she had to turn to formula to keep her baby fed.  ------ Hello Katrina! Tell us a little about yourself and your motherhood… Continue reading “I Felt Like I had Failed”

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“Why I wish I did my Breastfeeding Research”

Because there are so many different journeys to motherhood and each woman and their baby is unique, we want to collate as many stories as possible on this blog so new mums on their feeding journey can know they aren't alone.  This week we interviewed 21-year-old mama Emily from Lake Munmorah. She is the mummy… Continue reading “Why I wish I did my Breastfeeding Research”