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What is Power Pumping and How to Do It?

Using your breast pump can be a great way to increase your milk supply along with other tips and tricks which we posted on our ’10 Ways To Increase Your Milk Supply’ blog post.

Power pumping works by stimulating your breasts to produce more milk by mimicking your baby going through a growth spurt – in which they feed and feed and feed! This means pumping for short bursts of time over a 1-2 hour period. It often helps to do this late at night, with more time to yourself after bub goes to bed, or early in the morning after baby’s first meal. Early in the morning is the most effective because this is when levels of prolactin, the milk producing hormones, are at their highest.

Preparing for a power pumping session

  • Set yourself up with plenty of water, snacks and other supplies (like towels, a pumping bra and more bottles for milk collection). This will save you time from running in and out of the room to grab stuff when you’re in the groove!
  • Make sure that pump battery is fully charged, or if it connects to a power point make sure that this is close by to the area you’ve set up.
  • Stick to the same power pumping schedule for 2-3 days and watch your milk (literally) pour in!
  • Try to get a family member or a friend over during the time you plan to power pump so that they can help you out with bub and support you.


Here is a sample power pumping schedule!

  • 10:00pm: express for 10 minutes
  • 10:10pm: pause and massage for 10 minutes
  • 10:20pm: express for 10 minutes
  • 10:30pm: pause and massage for 10 minutes
  • 10:40pm: express for 10 minutes
  • 10:50pm: pause and massage for 10 minutes
  • 11:00pm: express for 10 minutes

In total you’ve expressed for 40 minutes but as you pause in each time and massage your breasts you’re ensuring efficient milk flow and let down for the next 10 minutes of pumping.

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Georgia x

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