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“Nipple Shields saved Breastfeeding For Me!”

Nipple shields are an amazing little device that allows mamas to continue breastfeeding with bubs who have trouble latching. It prevents that hideous pain from cracked and raw nipples!


This week we spoke about nipple shields with Natalie, a mama from Melbourne who has a 3-year-old daughter called Norah and a 19-month-old bub called Louis.



Tell us a bit about your breastfeeding journey


I struggled a lot getting Norah to latch when she was born. It reached the point where I couldn’t feed without screaming in pain, so I finally decided to get a nipple shield, against all advice, and never looked back! Louis had a better latch, but he was far more prone to biting when his teeth came in (ouch!)

I had mastitis with both kids due to my over-supply of milk.

To be honest, originally we just couldn’t afford formula, bottles, etc so it wasn’t an option for us. But as we found our feet, I came to love breastfeeding for the empowerment I felt in feeding my babies from my own body, as well as a few selfish reasons like less washing up, less expenses, less need for organization when going out with Bub etc.



Do you have any advice for other mamas who want to continue breastfeeding?


My advice would be to trust your instincts and never be afraid to ask for help! Help probably would have saved be several bouts of mastitis and bleeding nipples! There are lots of resources available, but I think a lot of new mothers aren’t made aware of them.

I was lucky enough to have a sister in law with 5 kids who helped me out as well as a mother in law who happens to be a midwife and maternal childhood nurse. I asked [her] lot of questions personally, and having only ever breastfed, I found the Australian Breastfeeding Association to be a very helpful resource!


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