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Breastfeeding Myths!

This week we thought we might debunk some of these pesky breastfeeding myths that you may or may not already know about! Comment down below any other myths that you know!



Breastfeeding is meant to be painful

Although breastfeeding is not supposed to be the smoothest (and yes, it may come easy to some mothers), it doesn’t mean it should hurt. Some of the reasons why it is painful may be due to the positions you use. According to the Australian Breastfeeding Association, “Many mothers feel some nipple pain that ceases beyond the initial attachment in the early weeks. If pain lasts beyond the initial attachment or if there are signs of nipple damage, these things usually mean that a baby is not attached well to his mother’s breast.” However, if the pain lasts longer, there is no harm in getting help! We recommend seeking help through your doctor or calling up breastfeeding counsellors on the Breastfeeding Helpline on 1800 mum 2 mum (1800 686 268).

(Australian Breastfeeding Association 2018)


Most mothers can always produce enough milk

In some cases, mothers may even overproduce milk. However, it is completely normal if a mother cannot produce enough milk. In many cases, if a Mum has a low supply it is because the baby is not taking enough milk at the breast (Australian Breastfeeding Association 2018). If a mum can feed more often, it may help increase supply however you can always seek help and medical advice first from your doctor.


Your newborn will naturally have an established feeding schedule

This may be the case for older babies, however, newborns tend to feed at random times and do not have a naturally established schedule. You could talk to your paediatrician about what a schedule could look like but be prepared to feed on demand!


You need to wait until your breast has filled up with milk before the next feeding session

The amount of milk you produce will depend entirely on the demand of your bub. The more your baby drinks, the more milk will be produced. You will not need to wait for your breasts to be filled up because there will be enough if your bub needs a top up.


Breastfeeding is easy and most mothers choose it

Breastfeeding is most certainly a natural occurrence, but in today’s fast paced world, it may not be the easiest method. Some of the factors that make breastfeeding harder are birthing practices, poor breastfeeding information, marketing of formula products, lack of support and concerns about breastfeeding in public. A lot of stigma and pressure comes with breastfeeding which is why it is not so easy! But never fear, there are always other options and help at hand! You can find all different experiences and useful information about making your own decision throughout our blog. Each mother’s circumstances and experiences will help them decide whether breastfeeding is their chosen method, and some switch between breast and bottle. Whichever method is up to a mother and they should be supported in their decision.


At mothersknowbest, we believe that fed is always best for our bubs. We hope you enjoyed some of these breastfeeding myths, we would love to hear about any other myths you might know! Stay tuned for formula feeding myths!

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