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Bonding with Your Baby Over Bottle

Not Breastfeeding? No worries!

Clinical psychologist Shoshana Bennett, PhD, says bonding is a process of familiarity–getting to know each other—that happens over time, and can be fostered no matter how baby is fed.

This means that there are actually so many ways to create that special bond with your baby even if you’re bottle feeding, and we’ve compiled the best tips below.


  • Skin-to-skin, mama!

Try taking off your shirt and snuggling in. Studies have shown that babies love that skin-to-skin connection and as they listen to your heartbeat they’re reminded of all that time spent inside your tummy.


  • Eye contact

Maintaining eye contact with your baby is easier with bottle-feeding than breastfeeding and physical and visual connections have actually been linked to optimum brain development for bub.


  • Don’t multi-task

Giving your baby that full attention while she feeds means she gets to enjoy the pleasures of snuggling with her favourite person (you), and you also get to savour these precious moments which are never the same again.


  • Switch Sides

In the same way a breastfeeding mama switches breasts after her baby finishes the first one, bottle-feeding parents and their baby’s will truly capture that bond when moving their bubs to the other arm half-way through. Giving her a different perspective on the world provides visual stimulation and encourages development and curiosity. (Plus, it gives your shoulder a break.)


  • Keep holding the bottle!

Don’t prop the bottle up to save you a few minutes – not only does it waste potential bonding time but it also increases baby’s risk of choking, ear infections and tooth decay.


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Georgia x

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