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Nanny MaryAnne Shares Her Knowledge on Infant Feeding



This week we are very lucky to have a special guest blogger: MaryAnne! MaryAnne is a passionate and fully qualified childcare practitioner who blogs about her experiences as a nanny. Her blog is filled with tips and tricks from recipes to advice on travelling with tots so check it out here.

Below, she shares a comprehensive guide on breastfeeding and formula feeding. Have a read!


As a Nanny, I have truly seen it all!

I have supported women from start to finish and have been there to encourage her decision in whichever way is best for her and her beautiful bambino! My experience has taught me that each feeding situation is completely unique and we must not only respect but understand the final decision of mothers. I ensure I am there through every milestone to shape mothers and babies’ unique situation for the best outcome possible!

To jump straight in, let’s look at when breastfeeding might not be the best possible option for mamma bears!

To breastfeed or not to breastfeed? That is the question!

After bringing a beautiful new life into the world it is only natural to wonder how you can best feed your little one.  In this case, there are sometimes circumstances where breastfeeding is not advised. These include:

  • Unable to produce enough milk: About 2% of woman can’t produce enough milk to feed their baby even though they may be perfectly healthy.
  • Galactosemia, where diagnosed babies cannot digest galactose (the sugar found in milk)
  • Mothers who are advised by their doctors due to surgical, medical and health reasons not to breastfeed.
  • Phenylketonuria diagnosed babies cannot digest the amino acids found in breast milk.
  • Sometimes breastfeeding for Mother’s is just too painful, so they decide to bottle feed instead.
  • Often due to a mother’s comfort level, beliefs and personal preference they choose not to breastfeed which is of course absolutely fine!

Sometimes mothers don’t receive enough support when breastfeeding. Often babies take a while to latch on and some mothers can put a lot of pressure on themselves to feed and end up very overwhelmed due to this!

Magic tips for bottle feeding mammas!

  • Find the best nipple for babe

Often finding the right nipple for your little one is a bit of an experiment. You may find the first one you buy suits them perfectly. Or, you may find you have to shop around a little for one he/she likes. You can watch your baby for cues on what they prefer! For younger babies, make sure to find a slow flow nipple. This is great as the flow of milk your little one takes in is a little slower, so it will minimize gas and the possibility of it all coming back up! If the nipples are flattened or squashed after feeding, this can be a sign that your babe hasn’t latched on properly! This is nothing to worry about, you’ll know your little one best and you will be able to see when they aren’t comfortable. You’ve got this!

  • Positions

To minimize your baby getting gassy and to ensure their little tums are kept happy, it’s best to feed your children sitting up. Try to avoid them facing the opposite way from you as you won’t be able to see how they are getting on! Keep the bottle horizontal and tipped a little so that the nipple is filled with milk. This is great to avoid your little one swallowing too much air with the milk!

  • Bonding babe

Many of Mum’s worries are if they don’t breastfeed they won’t bond with their child. Of course, it is not the same experience but there is no reason to suggest you can’t bond with your cutie pie during feeding time. Make sure you are relaxed and comfy, as well as your babe.  While watching him you might like to take this time to talk, sing or even hum to you babe and this will create a lovely, peaceful atmosphere and a beautiful bonding moment.

Reflux and other nasties!

Some poor babies can have such a hard time with issues like these! You might like to try a few tricks to ease this for them!

  • Switching to other formulas such as Enfamil AR (added rice) or Similac for babes who are subject to Spit-Up.
  • Burping you babe more often over your shoulder. Although, try to keep your little one upright for a few minutes after feeding before any jiggling burping motions.
  • Instead of big feeds, try frequent little feeds. This will help your baby’s stomach settle as big amounts of food are more likely to unsettle them compared to smaller amounts.
  • If the problem is still affecting your little one, perhaps a trip to the doctor is in order. They might prescribe you with an acid reducer to help.


Amazing tips for breastfeeding

  • Newborns

When nursing younger babies, it may feel like you’re always being pinned down to nurse. At this early stage, your little one will want to feed a lot! It is very common for mothers to worry about the supply of milk they are producing for their kiddos, especially since they are feeding so much at this stage. But I wouldn’t worry about this. Your baby will go through growth spurts from a very early age. This means during this time, they will want to feed more and other times, less. Your body will adjust to this, but if it feels like your boob could blow up at any second then perhaps give pumping ago for that extra relief! Typically, (by the book) babies go through growth spurts at the ages of 1 week, 3 weeks, 6 and 9 weeks old although it is nothing to worry about if your baby grows faster or slower. Everything will happen in due time!

  • Water!

I am a big advocate of water. If you want to produce a larger milk supply, drinking as much as you can not only be awesome for yours and your baby’s health, but your milk supply will definitely increase. It takes so much water to create milk, so the more the merrier!

  • No scrubs

Small bumps on nipples are called Montgomery glands. Clean, lubricate and protect the nipple and product a natural oil throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding. Many breast creams are unnecessary (unless you are prone to dry skin or feel chapped). There is an enzyme within this oil on your body which kills bacteria, isn’t that cool?!  So taking this into account, there is really no reason why harsh chemicals and scrubbing the nipples are necessary as it is so great to keep this protective enzyme inside your skin!

  • Going Out

Don’t make let people make you feel like you have to cover up! I would say most people’s attitudes towards breastfeeding are much more positive than they used to be. Although it has been a long process! Back in the 1700s, the idea of breastfeeding was dirty, and often a mother associated with less wealth would take part in it. Women who belonged to wealthy families used a “wet nurse” which was a woman who would come to the family and breastfeed for the mother. Since this time the idea of wet nurses and the negative views of breastfeeding have thankfully almost gone! The 20th century brought formula, which has been improved more and more and now formulas have been created to represent breast milk as closely as possible. Now in today’s terms, breastfeeding is becoming more recognized as the most special way of feeding- which it is! So, with millions of people here to support, cover up, don’t cover up, it’s all your choice, you are doing amazing!

Babies and how much we can all do as a team is essential for this lovely new life of theirs. Whichever way you are feeding or going, to try to take as much support as you can and know that people like me are right behind you every step of the way.

Thank you again to the lovely MaryAnne. As you can see, she’s written some fantastic tips to take into consideration about feeding your bub. Remember that whichever method you choose is completely up to you because a happy baby is a fed baby!

If you would like to find out what Nanny MaryAnne has been up to, have a peek at her Instagram page @nanny_maryanne_pugh.

Please note that the information presented is a guide only. We are not medical experts and all advice should be taken at one’s own discretion. Nothing here replaces the advice of your care provider.

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